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BMW models with M-sports package Front Drilled and Slotted

 BMW models with M-sports package Front Drilled and Slotted
 BMW models with M-sports package Front Drilled and Slotted
 BMW models with M-sports package Front Drilled and Slotted
 BMW models with M-sports package Front Drilled and Slotted
BMW models with M-sports package Front Drilled and Slotted
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 Brand New Front Pair of drilled and slotted brake disc rotors to suit the below BMW models with M-sports package **If you are unsure if this package will suit your vehicle, please contact us to ensure you are purchasing the correct item** Photo is the exact rotors that will be posted 

BMW 1 SERIES F20 M135i  235kW 11/2011-ON

  BMW 1 SERIES F20 M135i  240Kw 3/2015 - ON

 BMW 1 SERIES F20 M140i  250Kw 9/2015 -ON

 BMW 1 SERIES F20 118D  2.0TD 110Kw 3/2015 -ON

  BMW 1 SERIES F20 118D  2.0TD 105Kw 12/2010-5/2015

  BMW 1 SERIES F20 116i  1.6L 100Kw 12/2010-5/2015

 BMW 1 SERIES F20 125i  2.0L 160Kw 4/2012-10/2016

 BMW 2 SERIES F22 M235i  3.0TD 2014 -ON

  BMW 3 SERIES F30 335i  3.0T 225Kw 4/2011-7/2015

  BMW 4 SERIES F33 435i  3.0L 2014 - ON

BMW 4 SERIES F33 440i  3.0L 2015 -ON

Front Rotors Diameter is 340mm X 30mm – (1 Left, 1 Right) 

Please contact us if you require pads, as we do not charge extra for postage and provide a discount on pads when buying any set of rotors.

High Carbon Formula, to improve performance & endurance

All our rotors are dynamically balanced

TS16949/ ISO9002 certified
All our rotors are custom slotted to their individual specifications  to ensure maximum brake performance and NO droning
Guaranteed to fit OEM  specifications
Full RAPIDRS Factory  20,000kms or 12 months warranty

The UPG was designed by RapidRS and is a registered trademark and logo of Rapid Resource Solutions Pty Ltd. It was designed by demand by our track use customers who needed a highly resistant performance design for their rotor. Feedback received is best track time and better stopping ability than other slotted rotors as well as better performance and durability. This rigorously engineered and tested groove pattern offers the best of both worlds. Firstly it quickly, efficiently and evenly disperses pads to rotor friction gassing (out-gassing), as well as, heat, dirt and water while improving stopping power Secondly, it does this all while maintaining the ‘wow’ factor, accenting those killer alloys with a pattern that looks fast even when you’re standing still. These rotors have been tested and have proven track performance, noted best track time and broken records at Sandown.

UPG is a trademark and is registered design with IP Australia, any copying or distribution of this design without strict written permission from Rapid Resource Solutions Pty Ltd is strictly forbidden and legal action may be taken.

At RapidRS we believe in only the highest quality brake components for our customers, we equally feel that the customer care we offer is as important.

Rest assured that we are always available to answer your questions before and after you purchase your product. 

This is why once a customer purchasing from us, they make a choice to always purchase from us,  if you care about quality and safety then we are the company to purchase from.

 We may not have as a high volume of feedback on eBay because once customers purchase from us, they choose to purchase direct because they know they will receive the same high quality products and customer service on or off eBay .

Contact & Postage

Please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff who would like to assist you if you have any questions or require further information.

Quality, Price & Great Customer Service is a Passion and a Priority for us here at RapidRS, simply look at our feedback.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

All pricing is inclusive of GST in your eBay invoice, if you would like a formal invoice please contact us direct. Rapid Resource Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 80135814434


We do our best to dispatch your item within 24 hours once payment is received. All our items are sent with Express Post with tracking , this does not ensure the item will not be misplaced or delayed  in transit , we strongly recommend adding insurance which is approx. $5-$12 for extra peace of mind

Bedding in your rotors and/or pads

The first step is to make sure the disc face is clean of all oils/anti rust or any foreign matter 

The second step is heating (not cooking) the brake rotor and pads, to transfer the pad material evenly, onto the rotor face. This step involves performing a series of stops, so that the brake rotor and pad are heated steadily, to allow the transfer of pad material onto the brake rotor friction surface. Care should be taken to not come to a complete stop, as this can lead to the transfer of pad material unevenly on the disc at the point where the pad comes to rest on the friction surface.

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