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RapidRS sources the highest quality brake rotors and brake pads. We custom slot each rotor in our warehouse in Keysborough Victoria. Each rotor is checked individually before it is slotted to ensure our customers only get the best quality and best slotting ( as it is slotted by a qualified engineer who has extensive experience in the automotive and aerospace industries). RapidRS offers 20,000km/ 12 month warranty on all rotors (For material and workmanship. We must exclude warranty for track use, although our custom slotting ensures more durability) The UPG was designed by RapidRS and is a registered trademark and logo of Rapid Resource Solutions Pty Ltd. It was designed by demand by our track use customers who needed a highly resistant performance design for their rotor. Feedback received is best track time and better stopping ability than other slotted rotors as well as better performance and durability. This rigorously engineered and tested groove pattern offers the best of both worlds. Firstly it quickly, efficiently and evenly disperses pads to rotor friction gassing (out-gassing), as well as, heat, dirt and water while improving stopping power. Secondly, it does this all while maintaining the ‘wow’ factor, accenting those killer alloys with a pattern that looks fast even when you’re standing still.